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Quality Veterinary Care for Dogs and Cats

Preventative and urgent care - located in Bloomington, IL

Compassionate Care from Experienced Doctors

Located in Bloomington, IL - our clinic provides everything your dog or cat needs for a healthy and happy life.


Dogs & Cats

We provide compassionate care for all breeds of dogs and cats

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Preventative Care

Routine check-ups, vaccinations, dental, and more

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Urgent Care

Available and ready for unexpected illnesses, broken bones, and sickness

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Full Service Animal Hospital

You want the best life possible for your pets. They are part of your family and their health and happiness depend on you. We understand how important this is and how scary it can be when they aren't feeling well. Americana Animal Hospital is focused on providing quality care with compassion, to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy for many years. 

Give Your Pet the Gift of a Healthy Life

Preventative care defends your pet against illnesses from aging and/or their environment. It also provides peace of mind. You don't have to question if your pet is happy and healthy.

  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm testing & medication
  • Dental care
  • Microchipping
  • Flea/tick medication

Here for You During the Unexpected

For surprise injuries, illnesses, and more. Dr. Bill and Dr. Riegler provide compassionate and competent care to have your pet feeling better quickly. Services include surgery, Xrays, and diagnostic visits with treatment.

Quality Veterinary Care Starts Here

Call our office to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff will make you feel right at home.

Located in Bloomington, IL - receive great care from our experienced doctors and staff. We provide both preventative and urgent care services.


Feel Peaceful

You've taken great care of your pet. Now you get to enjoy them without worrying about their health.

"Dr. Bill is the most compassionate and professional vet around. Thanks for all you have done for us and our furry children" -Christopher

"Dr. Bill and his staff are absolutely fantastic in how they work with and care for animals. I’ve been taking my cat there for several years and they have always been so kind and helpful, especially when she was diagnosed with cancer. By far one of the most caring vets I’ve worked with, and he comes with the best possible recommendation."

"Dr. Bill is the most compassionate and professional vet around. Thanks for all you have done for us and our furry children!" - Chris

"This is a phenomenal vet! He is not out to drain you of all your money! He cares about animals, and the owners of the animals! He knows they are part of your family! His knowledgeable staff and him will help you through a variety of good and bad health. They also offer boarding and grooming here! We have taken 5 animals to Americana over the course of 25 years! Highly recommended by our family!" - Brandy

“Dr Bill & his group of knowledgeable & caring assistants are the best. They have cared for many of our ‘children’ with excellent care & knew how special all of them were to us. It broke my heart when we had to move out of the area. Thank you, for all your years of caring for our guys & girls thru everything!!!❤️❤️❤️“ - Mary